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Jason Lewis, financial advisor

My name is Jason Lewis and I am a certified financial advisor. I help clients in choosing the most beneficial solutions that allow them to save money and get rich. I work with individuals, companies and farmers, choosing appropriately dedicated products.


I have been dealing with finances for 12 years. In the past, I was a bank employee and I know perfectly well that a bank employee is a seller who wants the customer to decide on a given loan or loan. You cannot count on his objectivity and on the fact that he will inform you about all the additional costs of the products.


I am transparent and always talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each solution, so that the client makes the best decision for him.

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My strengths 

My mission is to help you manage your finances effectively

anyone who needs it.


Cash loans
Consolidation loans
Car loans

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I address my offer to anyone who would like to take care of their finances. Among my clients there are:

Individual clients

I help in obtaining mortgage, cash and consolidation loans as well as cash loans for any purpose.


I show how to obtain funds needed to open, run and develop a business. The offer for companies includes loans and leasing.


I offer advice on cash and consolidation loans dedicated to farmers.

Why me


How is this possible? I earn commissions from the banks whose offers I sell. Meetings with clients are free.


I am not an employee of any institution and I am objective. I always present the best offers.


I show real costs that are hidden by banks. With me you will know the exact amount of the loan or credit card.

Why me?

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Customer satisfaction is my priority. Check the opinions of people who have used my services

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Over the course of 12 years, I have established cooperation with many financial institutions and banks, thanks to which I am able to choose the best loan, loan or leasing offers for a specific person or company.

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