What If a Big-Name Advertising Platform Were to Come to Your Town?

The year 1960 was a banner year for American advertising.

The year was marked by the introduction of the first commercial advertising system, the National Advertising Committee.

In addition to the National Committee, a group of advertising executives was established to oversee the industry.

The most significant change came with the opening of the Interstate Commerce Commission in 1961, which created a new regulatory body that oversaw the interstate advertising industry and, in doing so, established a new, broad-based standard for how advertising should be run.

These changes in the American advertising industry meant that in the 1960s, a whole new world of new advertising platforms were introduced.

With the advent of the Internet, the emergence of new platforms and the emergence and growth of new industries and brands, new advertising technologies and platforms were in their infancy.

By the time the new millennium began, the ad industry was in a state of transition.

New technology had come into play that allowed the ad agency to operate with less overhead and, at the same time, make it easier for consumers to search for ads.

Advertisers were able to scale their business by creating customized websites that targeted specific audiences.

Consumers could now search through their shopping carts and discover a product, a service, a company or a brand.

And there was no need to be an agency.

Instead, the ads that consumers saw were tailored to the specific needs of their audience.

This new model of advertising brought many new technologies to the table, including video and interactive advertising.

Advertising was no longer limited to the television, radio or even print.

The advent of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter meant that the advertising industry could now offer a wide range of media platforms to its clients, as well as its consumers.

This led to a new wave of new forms of advertising, including the digital ad, which allows an ad agency or its clients to directly target its clients.

The growth of social networks, such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Vine, meant that advertisers had a lot of content to manage and promote.

The digital advertising industry has grown enormously over the last couple of decades.

According to a report from research firm IHS Markit, social media use has reached nearly 3 billion people, up from 1.3 billion in 2014.

And according to a 2015 survey conducted by Ipsos MORI, 46% of Americans now watch videos on their smartphones, up nearly 50% from 36% in 2014, and more than 80% of American adults use social media at least once a day.

Advertisements were not the only thing that were evolving.

The digital ad space also brought a lot more competition.

Today, an ad can be placed on a variety of platforms, and not just traditional television or radio.

This is something that the ad agencies were always looking to avoid.

However, the advent to social media has changed the dynamic for advertising. 

Social media platforms and ad networks have given advertisers a new opportunity to target their clients more directly.

There is a lot to explore when it comes to the future of advertising.

We have many different ad platforms to choose from.

How can an agency reach an audience that is unique and passionate about the brands that they represent?

How can we improve the quality of advertising and make it more relevant to the audience that we serve?

How do we find the best content for each client?

Are there new platforms that are making it easier to manage, customize and engage with consumers?

Are advertisers growing more flexible in how they reach their clients?

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