Google’s Google Ads: Free advertising sites are a way to advertise without paying for it

A year ago, Google introduced Google Ads to help it boost its advertising revenue by providing ads to people who use its search and YouTube services.

Google is now experimenting with free advertising sites that can boost ad revenue without paying the company. 

In the new year, Google will try to make Google Ads free again by offering advertising for free to people whose search or YouTube videos lead them to Google’s search engine or YouTube channel. 

“If people are looking for information and want to see it, they’ll see it through Google Ads,” said Mike W. Davis, a Google product manager. 

He said the company is looking to expand its ad offerings beyond Google’s YouTube channel and search engine, as well as into other areas of Google’s ecosystem. 

The move comes as Google grapples with increasing competition from its own services, such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. 

While Google’s advertising revenue rose to $3.2 billion in the third quarter of 2016, the number of people using Google’s services fell slightly to 636 million. 

Google’s ad revenue is based on the number people search for. 

It’s unclear if Google will offer free advertising on its Google Plus social network, a service that lets users share links to ads with each other. 

YouTube is a popular source of revenue for Google, but Google doesn’t appear to have any plans to open up its video platform to ad revenue. 

Davis said Google is currently evaluating the market for advertising revenue from video, and said Google may be willing to offer ads to its YouTube audience if they pay for them. 

As part of Google, the company announced this year that it would give away 1 million free Google Play games. 

A YouTube spokesperson said the free games offer was made in exchange for advertising on YouTube.

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