What you need to know about nextdoor ad targeting

Hacker News user kenthagen says he was contacted by Nextdoor advertising on his home page.

Nextdoor advertises a number of places where it claims to be able to “find people, places, and things.”

The ads then appear on the user’s home page, which in turn appears on Hacker News.

Here’s how Nextdoor handles that: Once a user signs up to Nextdoor, the advertising company sends a notification to his home screen that says “Nextdoor advertising is being displayed.”

This ad appears on the home page and, at the bottom, Nextdoor claims it is “part of Nextdoor’s search experience.”

The user is then asked to sign in to Nextdoors social media accounts, which allows them to see how many people are visiting their home page each day.

The ads also appear on Hacker Live, the main home page of the social network.

Once a person has signed in, the ad appears in the home bar, on top of other ads.

The user can then tap on the “Find” button to see if he or she has found someone.

If so, the user can view a list of “nearby” people, locations, and other things.

Users are also able to view a map of the world, including places where Nextdoor has found people and people who have shown up to the user.

The ad is then removed from the home screen.

Nextdoors privacy policy states that users must consent to Nextdons ads on their home pages and that the ads are “designed to assist in locating people, sites, and places.”

It is unclear how, if at all, the data the company collects on its users will be used to improve the Nextdoor experience.

It is not clear whether Nextdoor is targeting the user specifically, but the user says he would not have given his home address to Nextday advertising.

This story originally appeared at The Verge.

Follow Nate Bishop at @natebishop.

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