How to spot a scammer’s scammer email

Business Insider’s Josh Karp reported that a scamming email claiming to be from a real estate agent in a small town in Michigan was sent to small business owners.

According to Karp, the email was sent via email with a signature from a scammy local attorney.

“He sent an email that said: ‘Hello, I am writing to let you know that you may be eligible for the job you want, but you have to provide me with your address,’ ” Karp told Business Insider.

“And he sent the email with an attachment that said, ‘You can get this job, but if you don’t provide me your address, we can’t do anything for you.'”

Karp says the scammer didn’t give the email address and never told anyone he was the scamming attorney.

The email, which was sent out at about 10:30 a.m.

ET on Thursday, asked the small business owner to email him with details about their listing, including the phone number and email address.

“They actually used a fake name,” Karp said.

“So they didn’t tell anyone.”

Karp said the email did not have the signature of a real property agent, and the email didn’t contain any legal information.

Business Insider contacted the Michigan attorney for comment.

Karp added that the scam was likely created by a scamster trying to trick small business people into believing they’re the real estate agency.

Kiran Kumar, CEO of the National Association of Small Businesses, said that he believes that the email may have been sent to several other business owners, but that it wasn’t from a single small business.

“We do not believe that this is the first or the last that’s been sent,” Kumar told Business Insider.

“We do think it’s an indication that people are making an effort to send out these types of emails.”

The Michigan attorney said that the state of Michigan is investigating the matter, and that he is looking into possible violations of the state’s scam laws.

Kumar told BusinessInsider that he’s received numerous reports of scammers using fake names in emails.

“It’s definitely a warning sign,” Kumar said.

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