Which political ads are the most ad-friendly?

Politically-charged advertisements have always been a hot button topic in America, and the campaign finance reform law that is set to take effect on January 1 is no exception.

The law will also have a huge impact on the way we see ads on the internet.

What are the top 10 most ad friendly political ads?1.

Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton has been in office for just over two years.

Since the passage of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision in 2010, she has gone on to serve in the White House for four years, with President Barack Obama serving as her running mate and vice president.

During that time, Clinton has raised more than $1 billion, with a massive $7.8 billion raised during her second term alone.

Her campaign slogan is, “Stronger Together,” and it has been a consistent theme throughout her campaign.

As a result, her campaign has been able to reach millions of voters with ads that are free and fair to all Americans.2.

The American people are tired of the Bush-Clinton Tax Cuts, yet Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have a plan to fix the deficit and boost the economy.

Americans know the need to balance the budget, and it’s time to do so now.

President Trump and Hillary Clinton have a great plan to achieve that goal.

The President has a $2.5 trillion economic plan, and he’s even made good on a promise to cut corporate taxes to 12% from 17% and increase the standard deduction to $12,000 from $6,000.

This plan is bold and ambitious, and is expected to increase the economy and help working families.

It also is fair to everyone.

Trump has pledged to lower taxes for middle-income Americans, and Hillary is offering to cut taxes for those earning more than two million dollars per year.3.

The Trump Administration is committed to keeping the US safe from terrorists and stopping the spread of nuclear weapons.

But if you’re wondering if your loved one has ever been a terrorist, the answer is no.

The new US President, Donald Trump, is a proud patriot and believes in the power of a strong military and the United States Constitution.

He also believes in keeping America safe from the threats of terrorism.4.

The Hillary Clinton campaign has made a lot of progress over the past several months.

As President, the Clintons have worked to improve the lives of millions of Americans, including working with many small businesses and consumers to offer more affordable childcare.

They also have made efforts to combat climate change and address the needs of our environment.

In addition, the Clinton Foundation has been successful in raising funds for a wide range of charities, including the Children’s Health Insurance Program and the US Environmental Protection Agency.5.

The United States has one of the most liberal tax systems in the world.

As we move into the new year, you can be confident that the Hillary Clinton administration is committed not only to making the US a more tax-friendly nation, but also to expanding the economy, making America great again, and fighting the scourge of pandemics.


Hillary has a great record of fighting for small businesses, working families, and working families in this country.

She has fought to end the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and to protect American workers from job loss.

She is also committed to making our tax code more progressive.

She supports a $1.5% payroll tax on businesses, and a $4.5 million wage tax on corporations.

Her tax plan includes a number of tax credits that would make working families and small businesses more competitive, and they include a $250 tax credit for small employers that offer paid family leave and paid sick leave, as well as a $500 child tax credit.

She also is committed a $3.2 trillion in investments in infrastructure and education that will create jobs and rebuild the American economy.7.

The Clinton Administration has been working hard to help families through the Affordable Care Act.

Hillary is also an advocate for the poor, and her Administration has committed to expanding and expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit, and expanding and improving the Earnings Tax Credit for the middle class.

Hillary will also make good on her campaign promise to make sure that no American, no matter where they are on the income scale, will lose a job as a result of the ACA.8.

The Donald Trump campaign is very much focused on creating jobs, but the Hillary campaign has a plan that will actually help working people.

President Donald Trump has been very successful in creating thousands of jobs in the construction industry.

He has also taken credit for creating thousands more jobs in manufacturing and has announced a number plans to make our economy more competitive and to help people working and struggling.

The Clintons have made it clear that they believe that Americans deserve a fair shot at success.

The Bill and Hillary Foundation has partnered with local community organizations and businesses to create opportunities for the unemployed, including expanding job training programs, helping with food pantries, and providing childcare. The

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