Advertisers have more time to target to Canadians and consumers

A new study from Nielsen suggests advertisers have more free time to reach Canadians and spend less on ads targeting to Canadians.

The study found that advertising spend in the U.S. was up by 11% from last year, while advertising spend from Canada was up 3%.

“It’s an interesting report, and it suggests that in terms of ads, we’ve been able to get away with it for quite a while,” said Robyn Eich, senior vice president and head of consumer insights at Nielsen.

“The trends were not very clear.”

Eich said it is likely that advertisers had a little more time than they would have liked to spend, but she did not know why.

The survey also found that people were spending less time on the internet, spending more time online, and online ads are up by 12% from 2014.

The average time spent on internet ads in Canada was about 45 minutes in 2015.

Eich expects the next year to be a bit quieter, but said the report is an interesting snapshot into what’s going on.

“The report is a snapshot into where we are in the space,” she said.

“What we found is that our advertisers are spending less on online ads.

It’s still quite a bit of time spent online, but it’s less than in previous years.”

Advertising spend on the web in Canada fell by 9% in 2015 from the previous year.

That’s down from 14% in 2014, according to Nielsen’s survey, but Eich said advertisers are still spending money.

“It is clear that the advertising industry is looking for ways to differentiate themselves and be more targeted to Canadians,” she told CBC News.

The survey also suggests that people are spending more on the mobile advertising space, but also that spending on ads on social media is still relatively low.

“People are also spending more and more time on social networking and using social media for more things,” Eich explained.

“There are a number of things that are taking place that have been very interesting and have led us to see an increase in our digital spending.”

For example, the U,S.

ad spend on social advertising is down by 9%, while the ad spend in Canada is up by 3%.

“We’re seeing more brands are looking for targeted ads and the ads are more visible,” Eiech said.

“They’re showing up in the middle of the ad.

They’re not showing up on the bottom.

They have a better reach and they’re getting people more involved in the campaign.”

Advertisers are also more likely to target Canadians to their campaigns.

“It’s interesting to see that brands are still targeting Canadians to the ad,” Eiche said.

The report also found a decline in mobile advertising spending.

Advertising spend on mobile devices fell by 4% in the second quarter from the first quarter, and by 8% in Canada.

“Mobile advertising has been declining for a long time, so it’s been quite an interesting trend,” said Eich.

“We don’t see any sign that it’s starting to recover yet.”

Eiche said she is not sure if that is because advertisers are not seeing that the ad they are targeting is as engaging as they would like, or if the ads themselves are getting better at delivering the message.

“I would be cautious about saying this is a ‘sales year’ for advertisers,” she added.

“Advertiser interest is higher than it’s ever been, so advertisers are looking to make sure that their campaigns are engaging Canadians.

That is something that advertisers will continue to focus on, and that will be the focus of advertisers in 2015.”

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