Why Google Ads are a huge hit

Posted by TechRadar on Wednesday, April 13, 2019 03:26:51Google is getting big, and it is getting fast.

That’s what’s been reported by tech companies and analysts, as the search giant rolled out a new ad targeting feature on Tuesday.

The feature was a part of the company’s ad campaign platform, Google AdWords, and can now be activated for businesses, media companies and brands.

Advertisers will now be able to use Google Ads to target ads to individuals based on a person’s name, company, occupation and other attributes, and they will be able choose to target them to those people in their target audiences.

In a blog post announcing the new feature, Google said the tool allows brands to reach the most targeted people, people who are already in their audiences.

“This is a great way for brands to target audiences across multiple platforms and platforms with a single, personalized message,” the company wrote.

The new feature comes just weeks after the Google ad tech giant rolled it out to businesses, including companies that advertise on its own services.

The platform has been used by many media companies to target advertisements.

Google AdWords has been in place for years, and in fact has been designed to be integrated with many of the major web search engines.

Google is currently the largest search engine by monthly searches, and advertisers are still able to make use of Google Adwords to target people based on their names, occupation, and other information.

This is not the first time Google has been expanding its ad targeting platform.

In 2017, it rolled out ad targeting to businesses to target individuals based in their home states, which is now also enabled on Google Ads.

Google also announced earlier this year that it is adding two new search tools to the ad platform.

One is called AdSense, and the other is called Google AdSense Select, which will allow advertisers to target their ads to people based only on their geographic location, according to TechRadars.

Both tools are currently available to businesses and media companies, but will be available to users of Google Search in the near future.

Google has also introduced a new product called AdMob, which allows advertisers to reach their targeted audience in the same way as Google Search.

The ad targeting tool on Google is a first for the company.

Earlier this month, it said that it was working on a new tool that would allow advertisers and publishers to target the same people.

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