Why are advertising costs so high in Australia?

An article on financial publication Forbes reveals that a number of Australian companies are paying their advertising staff a rate that is nearly double the minimum wage.

The article states that, “There are a number Australian companies that have paid advertising employees well above the minimum hourly rate required by law.

Advertising rates in Australia have risen substantially in recent years as companies have sought to boost revenues, and in some cases to pay more than their employees.

However, there are also other factors at play, including the changing nature of digital advertising in Australia. “

The companies that are paying ad workers well above minimum wage include: Beveridge Group, BHP Billiton, Dell, Gulfstream, HP, Instagram, Kmart, LG Chem, Microsoft, Nexus, Optus, Rogers, Samsung, Telegraph,Tata Group and Walmart.

However, there are also other factors at play, including the changing nature of digital advertising in Australia.

As the digital advertising landscape has matured, advertisers are increasingly turning to online advertising for a range of advertising services.

Digital advertising is the most effective advertising channel, but the amount of time it takes to produce the advertisement is becoming a bigger factor in deciding how much money an advertiser makes.

The financial magazine also notes that Australia’s advertising workforce is expected to grow by almost half in the next five years.

According to Forbes, this growth will see the average employee make $20.70 per hour. 

The article also notes the recent introduction of a new minimum wage for employees in advertising.

It states that:The new minimum rate will increase to $20 an hour from $19.50 per hour, effective on 1 March 2019.

At the time of writing, the minimum rate was $20 for all employees and $23 for those who work in an executive capacity.

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