What You Should Know About the “Fake News” Campaign and the “Puppygate” Saga

By Andrew StroehleinThe New York TimesA couple of weeks ago, BuzzFeed published an article about a campaign by fake news sites to promote “Puppetgate” and “Paid to be President” ads that have been appearing on social media for the past week.

BuzzFeed’s story included an article from The Washington Post that described the campaign as a “massive effort to push false information” and to “push a narrative that is clearly false.”

It claimed that “at least 10 different websites and more than 100 individuals” had been involved.

BuzzFeed later retracted its story.

The Post article also claimed that a Facebook page calling itself the “Facebook for Fake News” was set up by the campaign.

BuzzFeed reported that it had confirmed the Facebook page was run by “fake news” sites and that Facebook had taken down the page.

BuzzFeed subsequently published a lengthy response from Facebook, stating that the Facebook pages did not represent the views of the company.

BuzzFeed has since published an expanded version of the Post article.

In the meantime, a second, similar post on The Washington Free Beacon, a conservative website, claimed that the “campaign” had paid to promote an ad for “Pussygate.”

It was posted on Friday, November 8.

Buzzfeed’s response included this claim:We’re not publishing a false story, we’re publishing the truth.

We are publishing the exact facts.

We’re not using a fake story to promote the content of a false website, nor to promote a false brand.

We have no idea who ran this campaign.

The Facebook page that claimed to be run by the “fake media” had only a few hundred followers, and BuzzFeed’s post said the page had only about 20.

BuzzFeed also noted that the page “had not been verified.”

We’re also not publishing fake news.

We don’t care if you are a fake site, we have the proof, we will publish it.

The article said that the campaign had paid for a $20,000 ad buy.

BuzzFeed noted that “some of the sites and individuals who have contributed money to this ad buy have been publicly reported as false, and that the group’s stated goal is to “sensitize” Facebook to the idea that “fake content is a public health issue.

“BuzzFeed’s post added that the post was not from the Facebook advertising page.

BuzzFeed cited The Washington Examiner, a publication owned by the Republican National Committee, which had also linked to the Facebook posts.

Buzzampix is an internet news and news culture website that has been reporting on the rise of fake news since 2010.

Its website is also a major source for the “Trump Pussygate” meme, a meme that has appeared on Twitter and Facebook in recent days.

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