Advertising synonym in Australia: What to know for a few of the most common ad terms

Advertisement Synonym for ‘buzzy’ in Australia, Australia is the official word for a number of popular Australian terms.

It is used in almost every context including as an adjective, adverb and noun.

Here are some examples:buzz,buzzed,bully,budgie,buddy,bunny,bonded,federal,government-owned,owned,subsidised,subscriber,customer source Independent article BUDgie is the popular Australian nickname for the company Budgie Inc. The name is derived from the British brand Budgie beer.

The company was founded in 1967 and has been around since 1984.

The Budgie logo was designed by Australian artist, Ben Lomond and is the main image on its website.BUCKY is a slang term for a male that has been known to use the term ‘buck’ as a compliment.

In this case, it is an affectionate nickname used to describe a man in a particular situation.

It was also used by comedian John Cleese in his sketch comedy routines in the early 2000s.BUDGIE COSTUME REVOLUTION: A BUDGEY COSTUMESTER is the Australian slang term to describe an advertisement that has an advertisement-like quality to it, often accompanied by a high-quality image and a good word for the advertisement.

The word originated in the UK in the 1980s.

It refers to a brand that is popular in Australia.BUMB,BUMBLER,BUBBLE,BOOM,BUNNY is a colloquial term for someone who is noisy.

It has its origins in the English phrase ‘bumble bees’ and refers to someone who makes noise in a noisy environment.

BUBBLE is a common Australian nickname.

It means ‘bubble gum’.BUZZY is the slang term used to refer to a person that is noisy, which was first used in the 1960s.

This was shortened to ‘bump’ in the late 1980s and is now used to mean ‘bitch’.

In some contexts, it has been shortened to BUMB in order to make it more inclusive.

In Australia, this term is used with an emphasis on ‘bumpy’.BULB,BLACK,BULDER,BLIND,BLUR is a combination of the English words ‘blind’ and ‘bloom’.

It refers specifically to someone with a vision impairment.

The term is derived directly from the Australian Aboriginal word ‘blak’ meaning ‘lone wolf’.

It is a derogatory term, as it was used by Aboriginal people during the era of British colonial rule.

BLACK has been used as a term of endearment by African-Americans, and is a reference to the color of their skin.

BLOODY is used to indicate someone who has no vision.

BULTY is an Australian slang word meaning ‘thrill seeker’, referring to someone seeking excitement and adventure.

The first recorded use of this term was in the 1880s, and has since been used to insult someone who wants to go into debt.

BLUE is an acronym for blue-eyed person.

BLUFF is the English slang term meaning ‘bloke’, referring specifically to a male who is white.

It originated in Australia in the 1950s.BLUE FLAG is a popular Australian Australian slang that describes someone who does not look white.

This is a pejorative term used by some to describe people who do not look like stereotypical Caucasian males.

BLUES has been commonly used as an insult in Australia and it is sometimes associated with white men.BLUNT,BLUNTY,BLOW,BLUES,BUSH,BURN,BLUE,BUMP,BULLY is an abbreviation of the word ‘bum’.

It means to ‘blow something up’, referring either to a high performance vehicle or a high powered rifle.

In some countries, this has been a term for somebody who is too powerful to be stopped.BULLDOG is a shortened version of the slang phrase ‘dumb dog’.

The term originated in Britain in the 1930s and was used as derogatory in Australia during the Victorian era.

It now refers to people who are too stupid to realise that they are being targeted by a rival group or that they have been tricked into committing a crime.

BULLDRINK is a term used in Australia for an alcoholic beverage.

It can refer to the alcoholic beverage, a drink, a product or a brand.

It usually refers to the taste of the drink or product.

BUCKY was popular in Britain during the late 1960s and 1970s and it became a popular term in Australia around the same time.

It may be associated with the nickname ‘buckyball’ and is often used as one of the nicknames of the popular band, The Blue Angels.


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