Australia’s lowest-paid earners – a guide

Analysing the figures from July to September this year shows how low some low-paid workers have earned in the last year.

In that time, median hourly earnings in Australia have dropped to about $23.10 an hour, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

While the pay gap between high and low-income earners has shrunk, there is still a significant gap in median wages.

What to know about median wages Australia’s minimum wage is set at $19.75 per hour, which is a higher wage than some developed countries, including New Zealand, which has a $11.50 minimum wage.

Australia’s highest minimum wage, $15.85 per hour in Hobart, is only marginally higher than the $17.20 paid in New Zealand.

This is partly because the Hobart minimum wage applies only to workers with a minimum of 26 hours of work per week.

However, for most workers, this is still more than enough to live on.

The average annual wage for a worker with 26 hours worked is $18,900.

However it is worth noting that this average includes all employees and not just those with jobs that require a certain amount of skill.

The median hourly wage for full-time, full-year-long workers in Australia was $24.14 in July, down by more than half from $24,000 in July 2015.

While median hourly wages in New South Wales have risen slightly, they have also dropped by $8,000 since July.

The largest fall in the median hourly pay was seen in Western Australia, where the average wage fell by $5,600 to $26.30.

A similar trend is seen in the Northern Territory, where wages have fallen by $1,000 to $28.20.

What’s the median wage for Australians?

The median wage in Australia is determined by a series of factors.

The federal minimum wage was increased from $11 to $15 an hour in July 2018, which was a significant increase for the lowest paid workers in the country.

This increase was accompanied by changes to other minimum wage rates, such as the rate of GST and the GST band, as well as changes to the eligibility criteria for the GST.

The increase to the federal minimum was the first major increase in minimum wage since 2014.

The GST rate of 20 per cent was also increased from 3.5 per cent to 4.5% in July.

Some of the main factors influencing median wages include the size of the business, industry, the number of employees and the level of hours worked.

This may be influenced by factors such as turnover and changes in customer demand.

Some industries such as construction, hospitality and retail are particularly affected by the changes to minimum wages.

The ABS publishes median wages in many industries, including manufacturing, agriculture and transport.

For example, the manufacturing industry includes many manufacturing firms, which typically pay their workers below the federal government’s minimum hourly wage of $18.40.

There are also many industries in which the lowest-earning employees are the sole employees.

For instance, retail sales workers in retail are paid $10.50 per hour.

These workers have a lower hourly rate of pay than most other workers in their industry.

In the agriculture and forestry industries, workers in some industries earn much less than the federal federal minimum of $12.20 per hour and are paid much less per hour than the minimum wage for other types of workers.

For other industries, such an increase to minimum wage could also affect the earnings of low-earners, as some industries have lower minimum wages than other.

For some workers, the minimum wages in a particular industry are different from the minimums in other industries.

For these workers, their hourly rate could be higher than their hourly rates in other sectors.

However this may be because their industry pays less than other industries in their sector.

For more information on the minimum and maximum wages for Australian industries, see The Australian Bureau Of Statistics’ Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASME) 2016-17.

What do the figures mean for workers?

According to the ASME data, the median Australian minimum wage has fallen by about $7,000 from July 2018.

The most recent minimum wage data for 2018-19 is available from November 20.

The ASME has also released data showing that the median annual earnings for full time, full year-long-work employees in the workforce are $26,300.

This compares to $23,600 in the ASSE’s June 2017 survey.

However both these figures do not include the full-timers and part-time workers in full-service occupations.

The difference is in the hourly rate.

The Australian Labor Government has proposed a series for workers to see how their pay compares to other workers.

This report is designed to help those workers determine how much they could make if they worked the same hours and the same jobs for the same employer.

In 2018-2019, the ABS published a detailed report on minimum wage paid and average hourly earnings

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