Snapchat advertises its ‘smart phone’ for its adverts

Snapchat, the photo sharing app, is taking its ad campaign for its ‘Smartphone’ adverts to the internet.

The adverts are a variation on the tagline ‘You can’t go wrong with a smart phone’ in its new Snapchat ads.

These are designed to highlight the fact that Snapchat’s Smartphone adverts don’t have to be seen on a phone, as opposed to in a traditional magazine or magazine ad.

The ads feature the Snapchat logo, and the hashtag #Smartphone.

The tagline is taken from a line in the book The Smartphone, written by a former Snapchat employee, in which a smart guy explains how to make a phone phone call.

A smartphone can be seen as a symbol of power and status, and it’s easy to imagine the Smartphone ads taking on the same message.

Snapchat is also using the tag line to promote the Smart Phone app.

In one ad, a young boy holds up a phone as he makes a phone call to his mother.

In another ad, an older man holds up the phone as a call to the police is made.

‘We’re looking to expand our Smart Phone ads to a broader audience,’ the Snapchat team told TechCrunch.

‘There’s a lot of ways we can engage with our Smartphone users and that includes promoting the apps they use and sharing new content, like videos, photos and podcasts.

‘This is one of our best ways to do this, and is something we’ve always wanted to do with our ad campaigns.’

The ad campaigns are the latest step for Snapchat, which has been a big success for the company.

It’s one of the best-selling mobile apps in the world.

In the past year, the app has also grown in popularity as it has become more widely used.

In March, Snapchat saw nearly 7 million monthly active users.

The company said in a press release that its Smartphone campaign is its biggest to date, surpassing the total number of users in the app’s history.

The new adverts will launch on Tuesday, August 16, the same day that Snapchat launches its first paid app, Snapchat Stories, which features a subscription-based service where users can post videos and photos.

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