NFL Players and the NFLPA strike to protest the collusion issue

The NFL Players Association and the National Football League have reached an agreement in principle that would allow the league to conduct its 2017 season in front of more than 1.6 million fans in front at least three consecutive nights of the 2017 NFL season, according to a statement from NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith.

The agreement was announced Friday by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

The players will be allowed to participate in preseason games on Oct. 11 and 12 and all NFL games through the 2017 season.

The agreement does not address a potential contract extension for players who have been out since the 2016 season, which started on Oct, 4.

The deal also does not affect any pending contract negotiations.

The players’ strike began in October 2016 when the union said it would not accept a new contract that included no significant increases to the pay and benefits of its current players.

The strike has since spread to other professional sports leagues, including the NFL, the NHL, NBA, MLB, NHLPA, and the WNBA.

It is believed that some 10 million people would watch the game on television on at least one of the three nights.

The strike is a clear response to the collusion scandal surrounding the 2017 league season, in which several NFL players, including wide receiver Antonio Brown, and four team executives were indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller for collusion and other crimes related to the NFL’s salary cap violations.

The NFL Players Assn.

and the NFLPA were represented by attorneys and representatives of the NFL Players Advisory Board.

Goodell has repeatedly rejected the idea of players taking a pay cut.

The union is demanding a one-year contract extension to the existing five-year deal with the NFL.

The extension would include a $15 million bonus for each of the first two seasons of the contract.

The new deal would also include a new $5 million bonus each year for the first six seasons, and a $2 million bonus the next two seasons, according the statement.

Goodell’s statement did not provide specifics on the specific benefits of the new contract, but noted that it includes a significant increase to the salary cap, which would increase by $100 million in 2018 and $200 million in 2019.

The extension would also provide a significant pay raise to all NFL players in the first year.

That pay raise would be a new total of $12 million, with $10 million guaranteed for each year through the 2019 season, the statement said.

The salary cap increase would increase to $155 million in 2020 and $190 million in 2021, with the maximum cap hit of $225 million in 2022.

Goodell said that he was looking for a deal that was acceptable to both sides, with both sides agreeing on the best way to proceed.

The statement also provided details on the new agreement.

It includes an increase in the minimum salary for all players and a reduction in the number of years each player will be eligible to receive the full $100,000 bonus, which is the highest of any NFL player in the league, the union added.

The contract also includes a $25 million bonus in each of 2018, 2019, and 2020, which will be distributed based on how many times a player has played in the previous two seasons.

The bonus would increase each year, from $25 to $25,000 per season.

The sides also agreed on the size of the increase in bonus payments, which the statement referred to as “a reasonable amount for a player to play in a year of his life.”

The deal is not expected to be ratified by the league’s players until next week.

The league has been criticized by fans and players alike for the way it handled the 2017 salary cap.

The NFL has faced numerous controversies over the years, including numerous pay-to-play schemes that allowed players to receive millions of dollars in luxury packages that were never paid for, or the use of free agents to obtain draft picks.

The collusion scandal has caused the NFL to suspend several players and the league office to fire its chief executive officer.

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