US Senate votes to block President Trump’s bid to ban ad-blocking

USA Today article USA TODAY article US Senate voted on Wednesday to block the President Trump from running for reelection, a move that comes as Democrats push for a bipartisan compromise to block future restrictions on internet advertising.

The Senate voted 54-45 to end debate on the measure by Democrats and Republicans who have fought to block Trump from becoming reelected for a second term.

The vote came after a lengthy effort by Democrats to persuade the Senate to allow the Trump administration to impose restrictions on ad-blockers on social media and other websites.

The House is expected to vote on the bill next week.

The move was hailed by a bipartisan coalition of Internet service providers and other groups as a victory for consumers.

Adblock Plus is an app that blocks advertising on social networks and other sites that are popular with Americans.

The legislation would block companies that do not offer the program from selling its services.

That provision is aimed at blocking illegal or offensive advertisements and online content.

The measure has been opposed by Facebook and Google, which both have business interests in the online ad market.

The bill was defeated in the Senate by a vote of 46-46.

A similar measure was defeated last year by the House, though it was blocked by Democrats who said the bill would harm online advertising.

Adblocking companies and the White House have worked to block similar legislation in other states.

The White House is suing the FCC to block restrictions on online advertising by the tech giants.

In January, the FCC voted to lift a rule that would have prevented internet service providers from blocking certain types of ads.

The agency also approved an amendment that would require internet service companies to block advertisements that are “inappropriate or objectionable,” as well as those that “encourage people to engage in behavior that is harmful or harmful to others.”

But the FCC also voted last month to repeal a similar rule that was put in place after the 2014 cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment, a movie studio.

That move had been a priority of the Obama administration and has been criticized by Democrats as a potential roadblock to further blocking of online advertising regulations.

Advertisers say they don’t see any need to use ads on platforms like Facebook and other social media platforms because they have no need to compete with such platforms.

They say it is simply a matter of making money.

The new proposal will be sent to President Donald Trump for his signature, and the measure is expected soon to become law.

But there are still hurdles for the Trump team.

In the past, the White, House and Senate have all voted to approve bills to block a presidential bid by a Democratic or a Republican.

The Trump administration has blocked the appointment of former President Barack Obama as acting secretary of the Department of Education, while the House Judiciary Committee has blocked efforts to block Vice President Mike Pence from becoming the Republican Party vice presidential nominee.

The Senate vote comes as Congress tries to advance a bipartisan plan to address the online advertising problem.

The Congressional Communications Act, passed in 2012, would prohibit the Federal Communications Commission from imposing advertising regulations on internet service networks, like cable and telecommunications companies.

The FCC has not voted on a bill to repeal the bill.

A House vote on a similar bill earlier this year fell short, and a House subcommittee voted to block its enactment in 2014.

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