Montgomery Advertiser pulls advertising from cigarette ads, advertises purple, magnets

Maryland’s Montgomery Advertisements is pulling ads from cigarette advertising after the cigarette giant’s decision to stop advertising on the site.

Montgomery has been a leader in the industry for more than a decade, with its brands including Vapo and Smurf Vapo.

“We’ve decided to pull advertising from Montgomery Ad, and we will be making additional adjustments in the future,” the company wrote in a statement.

“Montgomery Ad is a company that works with and works with our advertisers to deliver their most important message.

We are disappointed by the decision and are working to work with Montgomery Ad on a resolution to our issues with their advertising.”

The ad industry group, which represents the brands of Smurfs, Vapo, Vodka and Pillsbury, said the decision to pull ads was the result of a “competitive, high-quality competitor.”

“We’re disappointed in Montgomery Ad’s decision and our members’ commitment to the industry’s most important ad formats,” the group wrote in the statement.

The Montgomery Ad network has been one of the biggest players in the cigarette industry for the past few years, thanks to a deal between the tobacco company and Montgomery, which has been advertising on Montgomery since 2004.

But the tobacco giant’s announcement that it would stop advertising coincided with the end of the company’s agreement with Montgomery in 2017.

That deal included a one-year extension, which Montgomery said was worth $6 million.

It was the latest sign that the cigarette ad industry is shifting toward ad-free platforms, especially as the tobacco industry tries to make up for years of decline in sales and profits.

Montgomery said it is still evaluating what the future holds for the company, but that the agreement with the tobacco group had “been a significant investment.”

The decision to take its advertising off Montgomery Ad comes after other cigarette companies, including Johnson & Johnson, were also expected to pull their ads from the site, including from the New York City-based Lorillard brand.

It also follows a move by Philip Morris International, which owns Camelot, to also stop advertising.

The decision comes as many cigarette companies are experimenting with advertising-free, digital platforms.

The move to remove advertising from sites that have been owned by the cigarette companies has been criticized by some as “banning advertising,” a move that has been viewed as a major step toward ending cigarette advertising.

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