How the world of media has become a major player in U.S. presidential election coverage

Recode Media, a media technology company that helps brands promote their content, has found itself at the center of a major controversy over the presidential race’s coverage.

A report by Recode and the Center for Public Integrity claims that ads that ran on Fox News, MSNBC and CNN during the primaries and the general election were paid for by a group called Media Matters, which runs the largest independent media watchdog in the country.

Read more: Recode’s report also claimed that the ad spending helped fuel Trump’s victory over Clinton.

The company has denied the accusations, saying it does not accept money from candidates and that it’s “committed to fair, nonpartisan, and balanced coverage of all our news.”

The company also released a statement on Monday evening saying it was “disappointed” with the allegations.

The group said that the allegations were “false, inaccurate, and have no merit.”

Recode has denied any connection between the company and the organization.

“The fact that we had an ad that aired on Fox during the general, or the primary, is irrelevant to the fact that it was a paid ad and that Media Matters spent millions of dollars on that ad,” said Jason Calacanis, chief executive of Recode, in a statement.

“That ad has no impact on our news coverage.”

Read MoreRecode Media CEO Jason Calaca, left, and CEO of Media Matters for America, Matt Dershowitz, center, pose for a photo in June 2016.

Recode was one of several media companies to publish an investigation of Media Resources, a group that was started in 2013 by the president of Media Alliance, a Democratic super PAC that supports Democratic candidates.

In its investigation, Recode found that Media Resources’ political ads were not funded by any candidates.

Media Resources has since shut down, according to Recode.

The two companies did not respond to Recoding’s request for comment.

It’s unclear how much money Media Matters was paying to run ads on the networks, but it’s a small portion of the network’s overall advertising budget.

Media Matters is run by Dersham, a former Clinton White House staffer who was fired from the administration of President Barack Obama after the 2016 election for lying about his contacts with the Russian government.

Media Alliance has denied paying for the ads.

The Washington Post and Politico have also reported on Media Matters.

The group’s ads, which ran during the primary season, were focused on Democrats like former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who were seen as the best candidates to beat back Trump.

Recoding said that its research found that the ads helped Trump win.

“We found that Trump supporters were much more likely to be in the ads than the general electorate,” said Chris Rupkey, the chief executive officer of Recoding.

“They also tended to be more likely than the rest of the general public to support Trump and to say that they supported him because they believe he’s the best person to defeat him.”

Recode found more than half of the ads ran during primaries.

But it did not determine the total amount spent by the network or by individual advertisers.

According to a Politico report, Media Matters’ campaign spending totaled about $5.3 million, or about $1.6 million per ad.

The AP found that more than $100,000 went to advertising purchased from a super PAC supporting the campaign of Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.).

Media Matters has denied that Media Alliance paid for the campaign ads.

While the network has come under fire for the conduct of its ads, it has also found itself in hot water.

Recodes’ report found that nearly $2 million of the campaign spending came from ads from the nonprofit group Americans United for Change, which is run in part by former Sen. Joe Lieberman (I, Conn.), who was forced out of the Democratic Party for supporting the Iraq War.

The network has also been criticized for the ad campaign of former Florida Gov.

Jeb Bush, who was one the main players in the 2016 campaign.

Bush’s ad was seen by millions as critical of Clinton and was seen as a direct attack on the former secretary of state.

“It’s the first time in our history that the political campaigns of the major players in American politics have been subjected to the kind of scrutiny that we’ve seen from the outside,” said Jonathan Swan, the CEO of the Campaign Legal Center, a nonprofit that works to investigate campaign spending.

“The way that this campaign is being conducted is not acceptable.”

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