‘It is our culture’ as people in NSW celebrate the new ‘Ads on Tiktik’ holiday

More than a year ago, the Federal Government introduced the “Ads On TikTok” holiday, which offers consumers free access to a variety of online advertising campaigns and offers.

But for some in Sydney, the holiday is a bit like an advertisement on Tikk, a website popular with tourists and the elderly.

“It’s not just a holiday for tourists and retirees,” Sydney resident and blogger Tessa Sillitoe told ABC Radio.

“People are using it to find places to stay, or for their children to do things like read books or play sports.”

They’re not just going to be visiting one location, it’s a social network for people to connect with each other and socialise with each others.

“Ms Sillatoe, who is a long-time blogger, said the holiday has been a big success, with people coming from all over the world.”

The number of people coming to Sydney, and the number of families who are going to visit, is very large,” she said.”

You can see people from all around the world are coming and spending their time in the city.

“So, it has become a very popular activity and it has attracted quite a lot of people.”

But while some people have been happy to see the holiday spread, many have expressed concern that it is a “cultural appropriation”.

“I think people need to be aware of what they’re doing, they should be aware that it’s not their culture, it isn’t Australian culture,” Ms Silletoe said.”[It is] an appropriation of Australian culture, not just the holiday itself.”

“I feel that it does seem to be an appropriation, and I think that’s unfortunate.”

Ms Tippett said people were worried about the negative effect the holiday was having on tourism, and that it was being exploited by some to promote their own brands.

“If it’s an opportunity for tourists to come and spend their time and get a good night’s sleep, then why do they need to spend money on things like that?”

And if you’re not going to spend your money on something that is meant to be for your children, you might as well not come to the city at all,” she told ABC radio.”

This is what we’re seeing on the streets.

“I think we need to keep an eye on this.”

Ms Ziegler said that while she was happy to have the holiday, she was concerned about the potential backlash from some.

“There is a lot that people are doing, some people are posting on Facebook about the holiday,” she wrote.

“And some people say that they’ve lost their job because of the holiday.

It’s really scary.””

And it’s really upsetting to know that people can go and spend so much money on this and get nothing in return.”

What I’d really like to see is for people, just for the sake of being able to have this holiday, to be honest and admit that this is a cultural appropriation of our culture.


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