When you search for ‘Apple’, do you get ads?

Posted October 15, 2018 05:53:18Apple and Google have been fighting over how to market the company’s products since the smartphone wars of the early 2000s.

In 2017, the two companies said they would only work together if they didn’t compete with each other, and in 2018, they agreed to work together again.

But Apple still maintains a big advantage over Google on both the advertising and content fronts.

Ads are part of Apple’s digital strategy.

It has a massive audience on both mobile devices and its websites.

But it has struggled to sell the ads on its own website and other apps.

Google has a much smaller audience on mobile devices.

It offers ads through its Chrome browser, but doesn’t offer any ads on Apple’s mobile apps.

But Google’s own ads on iOS and Android devices have shown that it’s a very powerful platform for selling advertising, especially to businesses.

Google is now getting into the digital ad game, selling its own ad-targeting software and launching an ad-tech company, Adsense.

Google also sells ad-supported content, like videos, and has built a powerful social media platform that lets it reach a much wider audience.

Apple is in the business of selling products, and the company has tried to build up a large user base through a variety of services, from iTunes to iCloud.

The company’s iOS app, Apple Music, and its desktop website, Music, have all struggled to gain traction.

Apple has spent billions of dollars developing its online services, but has not managed to turn that into a huge advertising revenue stream.

Still, Google has a big audience on smartphones.

Its Android phones are popular, and users of those devices are spending more time on mobile apps than on iOS.

Google and Apple both have big advertising campaigns for their own products, but Apple has been more successful at selling its apps through its own sites.

Apple’s iOS and Apple Music apps have been successful for years, but it hasn’t had much success selling them on other platforms.

Apple also sells its own music streaming service, iHeartRadio, which is not part of the Google Play Store.

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