Google Ads for facebook advertising policy

Facebook has introduced a new policy on advertising on its platforms.

It will restrict the advertising of sponsored content on the platforms to those who are approved by the advertiser and who pay a fee for each ad they display.

Google will also take over the advertising on Google+ and other popular social networks.

Facebook announced this in an announcement on its developer portal.

Google announced this at the same time in a blog post.

Google says it is trying to ensure that advertisers don’t discriminate against users based on their ethnicity, gender, or other identity.

“As we work to build a more inclusive world, we are trying to build more transparent platforms where we can better serve our users.

We want to be sure that the platforms are fair and balanced for everyone,” Google said in a statement.

It added that it is also working to create an advertising policy that makes it easier for advertisers to set up ad placement across platforms.

Google does not allow third parties to offer ads on Google+.

The company has also updated its AdWords ads platform to allow advertisers to advertise on Google+, but the platform has been in the works for a long time.

Google had a long-standing policy that banned ads from third-party publishers, including Facebook.

However, the company allowed advertisers to promote on Google Plus and other social networks through the Google AdSense program in the past.

This allowed publishers to place ads on Facebook, but Facebook refused to allow ads on the platform.

Google also introduced a paid advertisement policy in 2016 that restricted ads from Facebook and other platforms.

Facebook had also rolled out a pay-per-click advertising program for Facebook.

Facebook also introduced paid advertising for ads in the Google News service, but this is not available for ads on Twitter.

Facebook has also recently implemented ad filtering for its native ads platform on Android devices.

Advertisers have been able to offer paid advertisements on the Facebook platform for a number of years, and there are some reports of Facebook ads being removed from Google’s native apps.

Google has also expanded its paid ad program to include mobile.

The company said that its ad programs are also now being used by advertisers on Google’s own platform, Android.

Google recently rolled out the AdSense ad program on Android for advertisers.

Google is the second-largest advertiser on Android after Facebook, and the company’s Android ad program has been widely used by publishers.

Facebook is also expanding its native advertising platform for mobile, but Google has struggled to gain traction in the mobile space.

Facebook launched its own native ads program for publishers on Android in the summer of 2017.

It launched AdSense in April 2018 to allow publishers to buy ads in native ad formats and to buy ad inventory on its platform.

However the program has not been particularly well received by publishers, and it has also not been able for Google to get advertisers to buy inventory in native ads.

In September 2018, Google’s AdSense ads program was pulled from the Google Play Store, although the company plans to continue working on a native ads for Android app.

Google’s ad inventory was not removed from Android devices either.

Google still has a long way to go in making the native ad experience better for publishers and advertisers alike.

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