How to spot sexism in advertisements

Women are increasingly being targeted in advertising by sexist advertisements, according to research by the British Advertising Standards Authority.

Women are also more likely to be subjected to racist or sexist messages in ads than men.

Researchers from the BSA surveyed 774 women, aged between 20 and 49, on their experiences of advertising.

The researchers found that of the 774 participants, 70 per cent of them said they had experienced sexist advertising.

This is significantly higher than the 27 per cent women who said they experienced sexist ads in 2012, according the study.

Only one in 10 of the women who had been exposed to sexist advertising said they were also subjected to overt racism, sexist jokes or other sexist messages.

Women are often the target of sexist advertisements because they are more likely than men to be of lower socioeconomic status, the researchers found.

It is also often assumed that women are more easily affected by sexism because they may have more of a “gender gap” in their work, according, the report.

However, the BSCA said there was no evidence that sexism affects women’s career choices or careers in general.

According to the BSPCA, women are increasingly “misled and stereotyped” by advertising campaigns and marketing strategies in order to achieve gender-specific results.

Advertisers can play a part in the problem, the watchdog said.

“Many of the sexist messages are based on stereotypes and have no basis in reality, for example: ‘women will never be the best at anything’ and ‘women don’t make it on their own’, ‘women are too lazy’ and so on,” the report states.

Despite the prevalence of sexist messages, women have a lot to gain from being more open about the nature of their advertising campaigns, the research found.

“We need to acknowledge that women often face sexist advertising because women are often viewed as the least likely to report being affected by it, and are therefore the least able to challenge it,” it states.

The BSA says it has created a series of tools to help women find and avoid sexist advertising, and will be publishing an action plan on the issue soon.

You can find out more about the research in this article:

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