New ‘Advertiser Tribune’ to launch on Google Play in 2017

Posted November 15, 2017 14:36:03The Google ad marketplace has been a source of some controversy, but there’s a new online ad marketer offering a new one.

Google is offering a Google ad market that has been described as “advertisers tribune,” a feature that allows advertisers to post relevant ads on Google’s mobile platform.

The ad marketplace is part of a Google+ campaign, which was launched on Thursday, offering publishers a new platform that’s based on the company’s new social network, Google+.

Google says it will be adding a “new feature” to the Google+ platform in 2017.

That feature will be called “Advertisers Tribune.”

Google+ is a social network with millions of users, which has a much smaller advertising footprint than Google.

Google+ allows advertisers access to advertisers and other publishers that it’s willing to pay for ads, and it has been known to be somewhat restrictive.

But this new feature is said to allow publishers to offer advertisers relevant ads that are more relevant to their audience, and that advertisers are more likely to choose to run in Google+ ads.

The new “Advertising Tribune” feature will have its debut in 2017, Google+ blog post said, adding that the new platform will offer a much higher-quality experience for publishers.

The Google+ community is still in beta, and the ad marketplace isn’t a final product yet.

But the company has said it’s looking for partners who want to help bring it to market.

Google has been experimenting with the new ad marketplace for some time.

It first rolled out its ad marketplace on Android last year, but it hasn’t offered any official apps for iOS yet.

The company has also recently introduced the Google Ads Android app, which will be available to developers soon.

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