When Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon have to fight for a place at the center of the ad economy

From left: Google, Facebook, Amazon.

From left to right: Google Ads, Google Ads on mobile and Amazon.

Google is trying to lead the way in digital advertising, while Facebook and Apple are the dominant players in the social-media space.

The stakes are high.

The stakes are so high that Facebook and Google are being forced to compete on the same side in an increasingly crowded and expensive ad space.

Google, in particular, has to do more than play catch-up.

Its advertising revenue from search, advertising and mobile has fallen over the last five years, and its revenue from advertising on other platforms is also declining.

It’s an uphill battle for the company, which has seen its share price fall more than 50% this year.

Its shares fell more than 9% Monday, its biggest drop in more than a year.

For Facebook, its share value has dropped to more than $8 billion, and the social network is the dominant player in online advertising, according to market research firm eMarketer.

Google shares have gained more than 13% this week.

Amazon, meanwhile, has seen revenue from its Kindle e-reader and online video service grow from $1.2 billion in 2016 to $2.5 billion this year, according the company’s most recent quarterly report.

Amazon now controls about a third of the US online market, according eMarketers.

Facebook and Google aren’t alone in trying to compete for digital ad dollars.

Facebook is in the midst of building a rival to its own social-network app, WhatsApp, and Apple is battling Google on the internet advertising front.

At least one other major player, Amazon, is already working to bolster its online advertising business.

Amazon has spent millions of dollars buying advertising inventory, and is expanding its advertising efforts to mobile devices.

While Google and Facebook are trying to grow their online advertising businesses, Amazon has taken a much smaller step toward becoming a major player in digital ad spending.

Its revenue from the internet ads it sells dropped more than 20% this past year, and it has seen sales drop by more than 80% since 2014.

Ads are a vital part of the advertising ecosystem, and Amazon is not likely to lose money on them anytime soon.

But its advertising revenue could become even more volatile in the coming years.

Google has long been the king of digital advertising.

It dominates the search engine world and has more than 2 billion monthly active users.

Its search engine ads are the most popular, and have made up about half of online ad spending by advertisers.

As its advertising business has continued to shrink, Google is in a tough spot.

Its market share has fallen, and advertisers are increasingly looking for other ways to reach users.

In recent years, Google has begun to build its own ad business, focusing on online video and search ads that use the company ‘s own technology and technology from rivals like Facebook and Microsoft.

Google also has a growing social-networking business called Google+, which is focused on building out its ad network and offering its own services.

On the other hand, Facebook is expanding into other areas of the online advertising space.

Its ads are a key part of its platform, and more than two-thirds of all online ad spend happens on Facebook.

But Facebook also faces an uphill climb.

It has struggled to retain its user base as the dominant search engine in the US, and has struggled with falling ad revenue and rising competition from rival search engines, including Google and Yahoo.

And it’s trying to become the dominant online advertising platform in the emerging digital world, where the likes of Apple and Google have the advantage.

Facebook will have to make a concerted effort to compete with Amazon on the ad business front, especially if it wants to retain users, and keep advertisers happy.

“I don’t think Google can be the dominant ad platform forever,” said John Noyes, an analyst with research firm iResearch for Wedbush Securities.

“Amazon will eventually be the one.

It’s going to have to be a lot of hard work.”

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