An ad from 1916 which warns against ‘further’ war

By Peter Grosz, Reuters A poster for the 1916 war in an old bookshop in Berlin shows an ad from the year 1916 that warns against further war.

The ad is from the German publisher Hildegard von Bismarck and shows a man wearing a mask reading the slogan “We are the World’s Army”.

“We are in this war for the first time,” he reads, adding that “we are not the enemy”.

The ad, which has been shown before in books, newspapers and magazines, has sparked a debate about the 1915-18 war, when Hitler invaded Poland and occupied many of the eastern provinces of the country.

The war has been commemorated since 1945, with an annual Remembrance Day parade marking the end of the fighting.

The poster shows the German government, with the words “Germany for Hitler”, as well as a German flag, on the roof of the old book shop in Berlin.

The ad is dated 1916 and has been published in several books and magazines in the last 30 years, including by the magazine “Der Spiegel” and the newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung”.

It was printed by Hildefotter Stadthammer, a publisher of the periodical “Der Staatszeitung” in Berlin, as well by the publisher “Amerika” in the city.

“The poster is quite striking because it shows Germany’s war aims,” Hans-Jürgen Koehler, head of the Berlin Book and Library Society, told Reuters news agency.

“It was a propaganda piece.

The poster showed Germany’s intention, which is to keep a military force and use it to crush the Allies.”

The posters and other propaganda materials were produced in a bookshop owned by a prominent German nationalist, Heinrich Stenninger.

In his book “Der Bismark”, Stenner said Germany’s “war-time” was a “greatest and most beautiful war” and called for a “new era” of peace.

“As a soldier and as a citizen of the nation I have no doubt that the war will be ended in peace,” he wrote in his book.

“We must not wait for another century, but we must fight it out.

We must make sure that Germany is never again occupied again.”

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