When did we become racists?

This is the second of a two-part series on how racism has crept into India’s cultural landscape.

Part one, written by Anurag Jha, is on how race has changed from the 1970s to the 1990s, while Part two, by M.S. Singh, looks at how racism in our society has evolved since then.

The first part, which was published on September 20, 2017, focused on the role of social media in the dissemination of racist propaganda.

In the second part, published on October 5, 2017 on the social networking site Twitter, Jha and Singh examine how India’s dominant media outlets have responded to racism.

Indian media is dominated by right-wing groups, with many journalists in the dominant media platforms themselves being anti-India.

The first part of this series examined how social media has transformed the way we consume and report on Indian news.

For instance, the Hindustan Times and News24 have become much more anti-Indian and anti-poor.

This is in spite of the fact that the Hindusters have always been pro-India, and it is because of the media that India’s right wing has been able to create an image of India as the land of the poor.

In contrast, in the first part Jha explored how the Hinduster’s own newspapers were biased against the people of India, and this has only intensified since then with the emergence of social networks like Facebook.

Jha said the Indian media has been largely dominated by a right-right axis, with the dominant left-leaning media outlets being the Hindus and Congress.

But the right-liberal axis has not only changed, but also, has been the dominant axis for decades.

What’s happening to Indian news?

In the second article, Singh explores how Indian news has been dominated by news of war, and how it is now dominated by the BJP and the Congress.

Singh also explores the rise of the BJP, which has had a huge impact on Indian society, particularly the rural areas, and in particular the rural media.

Singh writes, “The BJP has taken a leading role in creating a media climate which is hostile to the left and hostile to Indian democracy.”

As Singh points out, “If there were not a concerted effort to silence the voices of Indian citizens, Indian media would not exist.

Indian media is now the media environment in which a very vocal minority of voices are silenced.”

Jha also points out that India is witnessing a backlash against corruption in a very large way.

He points out how “the media have been largely silent about the rise in the amount of bribes allegedly paid by officials to politicians in the last two decades.

The media has also been silent about an increasing trend of corrupt officials being jailed for corruption.”

This anti-corruption agenda has created an atmosphere in which corruption has become a major political issue.

Singh wrote, “While the media has not been supportive of this agenda, the anti-establishment sentiments have made it easier for the political class to push this agenda through.”

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